Rear suspension removal 850T4

Hello everyone,

I’m part way through disassembly of my ‘82 850T4, to “crab” the frame so I can get access to a suspected leaking input shaft seal (a separate topic on this forum!)

Everything has gone OK so far, cleaning and labelling parts as I go.

Having removed the rear wheel and both footrest brackets, I’m removing the two rear suspension units.

On both upper mountings what I initially thought were allen headed bolts are actually bolts with an internal thread, around which looks like a rubber bushing. The other end of the internal threaded bolt appears to recess into the frame.

The shocks, with lower 17mm nuts removed, are still very firmly in place.

I noticed on removing the footrests that the lower subframe dropped down from the upper frame by. couple of mm , so that the two footrest mounting holes no longer align.

Do I need to “unload” the tension in the suspension units, perhaps by putting the rear wheel back and putting some weight over the rear, and each suspension unit worked off the upper bushings?


if it has only dropped a couple of mm you should be able to get a bar in one of the holes and lever it back up then pop one bolt back in the hole on each side to realign the frame. Refitting the rear wheel and raising it up with a bit of wood should help.
Shock absorber bushes can corrode and sieze onto the mountings.
A bit of heat would help and be prepared to buy new rubber bushes as they deteriorate with age.
Plenty available in many different shapes and sizes on eBay.

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Many thanks for the advice. Hopefully some progress tomorrow!