rear suspension upgrade


I’m sure I’m not the first to bring this up but I don’t know how to find existing threads later than 2016 on this topic. Am happy to be redirected to such.

New to Guzzidom and very very happy with my V7iii. Had a sliding doors moment 10 years ago where I nearly bought a Breva but went for another Honda instead. Since then chopped in a number of Jap 2s and 4s but 2 years into ownership of my V7 I know it’s a keeper. However. Those rear shocks. I’m b road bimbling and pottering around town and not looking for race rep performance, so I’m satisfied with the handling (and its limitations). Even so the shocks bottom out regularly and give me lower back ache as a result.

Any suggestions? Hagon website has a range of solutions and Brook Suspension have K-tech units. It would be nice to have something more adjustable than preload in any case. I wonder if anyone has tried either, or other?

Speaking of preload, and at the risk of kicking off a whole new ball game, wifie would like to mount pillion but will only do so with back support. I don’t want to spoil the looks of the V7 with a top box and Guzzi don’t seem to do a sissy bar. Any thoughts on that?

Hi Gary, Check your “in-box” … PM sent … Regards, Tony

Gary, did you get any help with this? I collected my V7 Mk3 this morning and rode around the Essex lanes on the way home and also found the suspension to be pretty bad. I too have looked at Hagons. I can’t find any fitment from YSS who I have used on several bikes before.
Let me know what you find out/decide please.

I recently fitted some Hagon 2810 shocks to my 2018 v7 iii. They seem very well made and are a huge improvement over the harsh OEM shocks. I am a sedate rider and they are much better suited to the pothole-infested roads that surround me. Both preload and rebound are extensively adjustable (with a c-spanner and allen key respectively) but I have been very happy with the factory setting. I find them both very comfortable and confidence-inspiring.

The shocks were made specifically for my bodyweight. I opted for the stainless steel version at about £250, delivered (the chrome version is around £205). Delivery took about 2 weeks, as they have recently upgraded this model and have not yet built up any stocks. Having had the foresight to specify a centre-stand for my bike when I bought it, fitting was a 20 minute job.

Hagon were a joy to deal with. The salesman was very knowledgeable and patient with my questions. He actually steered me away from their more expensive alternative models as being unnecessarily over-engineered for my Guzzi - a most welcome change from the normal mercenary commercial world of motorcycling.

In short, I am very happy with the choice I made and all the more so to support a long-established British company based, I discovered, a few miles from where I was brought up.