Rear wheel removal

On my LM1, to take the wheel in tomorrow for a new tube !

Clamp bolt on the left, spindle nut on the right, anything I’ve missed (not looking at the bike now, but hope it’s simple and not an exhausts off job ?

Look at the rear disc, note the centre dished part has two semicircular cutouts in it. The brake caliper bracket has to come out before the wheel will come out, because there’s a spindle spacer that is part of the bracket. Only way to get it out is the bracket slides backwards, the spacer bit has to slide back into one of the cutouts in the disc centre, simultaneously, the slot at the front of the caiiper bracket comes off the locating peg on the swingarm. Then the bracket can be extricated upwards and hung off the frame with a cable tie or similar. Only then wheel can pop off the drive spline leftways and drop on the ground.

If you don’t know about aligning one of the disc cutouts to the rear to allow the bracket spacer to slide back you could be there all day trying to get the wheel out.

HTH :smiley:

Thats this morning’s job then.

I (we) found it easier to take the caliper off the bracket before offering the wheel back up, and then mounting the caliper afterwards. Seemed to work ok.

I’ve probably had more practice, hence wouldn’t normally needed that, but fairy nuff :smiley: