Rebuilding Wire Wheels (uk)

I’ve a pair of Borrani wire rims to go on my Spada project, but they need rebuilding and polishing. Any recommendations/experiences? There’s the ubiquitous Central Wheels, but I’ve not had any direct feedback

try Mr Bill Broadhurst in Warrington, he done a T3 wheel for me years ago, decent guy good workmanship,but he has a heavy workload so it might take time. 01925 827780

Try Kelcoat in Leek they have done them in the past.
There is also a chap (Paul) based out towards Eccleshall 0785566713 who did my NTX rear wheel and was spot on for price & quality.
All the best

I Had the falcone ones done at Black cat wheels
very good price and quality
mine were stainless rims / stainless spokes with plated brass nipples

Central Wheels did a great job for me but ballsed up a mate’s wheels.
Wildes in Leeds have a good reputation but I have not used them personally.


Hagon’s have been praised on here before. Based in Ilford in Essex I do believe.Hagon wheels

Ok that’s really helpful, thanks

hagon are ace, second to none thay have been in the game since the fiftis ( alf hagon ) speedway/grasstrak racer. i have had several wheels rebilt/repaird over the years (spoked&cast) never had a problem yet,