refitting the swinging arm small block

i have had my swing arm refinished and the bevel housing all assembled and the swing arm is in place loosely assembled
any tips on tensioning and balancing the pivots ?
the manual is a bit lacking in this respect

If it is like the big block models with taper roller bearings on the swing arm, tighten the central adjusters up just enough to take up the free play in the swing arm. Make sure the adjusters protrude the same amount either side as this centralises the swing arm and the rear wheel. Then hold the adjuster still with an allen key and tighten the outer chrome nuts up.If the small block is different, then this will be rubbish.

yes that sounds right
never done one before i cant find the ruddy shim that should be on the right hand side so I am going to slip it apart, its probably wedged in the bearing assembly
it seems mine are not taper roller bearings
just pulled it down to check for the shim no sign of it, when I stripped it everything went into a tray, so I guess it was lost when the bike was first messed up
i shall find a washer to use !rapheal glynn2013-08-25 20:14:39

That spacer is part number 35214300 see the parts list. It doesn’t give the thickness.I understood that the S/A was pushed against this by the LH adjusting screw, then the play taken out by the RH one. Obviously it affects the wheel alignment.

i cheated Brin and measured the gap
then found a shim in my stock of engineering things that might come in useful
I shall order the correct one anyway
its done 7k without it !!!
no sense no feeling ??