Reg-rec update

I’m doing a bit of work on my SP1000 and am going to improve the electrics in a couple of areas. One is the intermittent charge light illumination. Maybe I’ll find a bit of dodgy wiring when I get into it, but I was thinking I’d fit a Honda reg-rec that I have in stock to replace the original separate diode board and electromechanical regulator.
The Honda reg-rec has 3 yellow wires and black + red which I am OK with, but doesn’t have the DF terminal which is needed for the rotor excitation on the Guzzi alternator.
I’ve been reading around, but can’t find out whether the excitation will be OK with a fixed supply, or if the regulator varies it to adjust the alternator output. Anyone with more knowledge on here?

Yes it does. Personally I’d try to get the original system working. You can also get electronic regs and reg/rectifier especailly for it. I would not try to use the Honda one, it would appear to be for an alternator that has no excitation winding, i.e. something quite differrent.

If the rotor is given “fixed supply”, you’d get maximum ouput all the time, “boil” the battery and blow bulbs.