Registration for MGCGB Members to meet in Mandello

This was suggested a while ago and whilst I’m not going (we were there at the 100th party that officially never happened :upside_down_face: ) it seems quite a few members would like a post to register their interest.

  1. you need a volunteer to organise this
  2. I would suggest as a meeting point the Carlo Guzzi statue just up the road from Agostini’s on Via Alessandro Manzoni. It’s on a big ‘piazza’ with lots of bars and restaurants nearby.
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So far the following have shown an interest:
V85TT Al (Alistair Reid)
Chris950s (Chris C.)
G5Steve (Steve)
streddersV7 (Mark)
Phil Skinner1 (Phil)

I am hoping to get there, perhaps on the Friday. I have a hotel booked in Como, so will be flying over with Mrs H. I am planning to hire a Vespa to ride over to Mandello :grin: I may be told to park in Lecco! :rofl:

Please post details… I will be there and love to grab a beer with other members.
Shawn Lamb

Sounds good.
I hope to be there. Anyone else riding out want some company?
I intend leaving around the 5th/6th and have a steady un-rushed trip. I did it in 2018 with two others, great time :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi guys,
is someone stepping up to arrange something?
arrange meeting day, place & time, possible WhatsApp group etc?

Cheers Uki

I’m going on my Stelvio with a pal on his V85TT. On the way there we are leaving from Harwich on 4th and going gently via Arnham and the dambuster sites and then down through Germany and Austria into Italy via the Stelvio pass. We have no accomodation booked for the route but we are booked to stay in Onno, on the opposite side of lake Como for three nights (8th - 11th), so will use water taxis or ride round to Mandello for the day. We are leaving Onno early on Sunday as we have to get back.

It would be good to see club members, either on the way or there, but on the way back we will have to ride on the speed limits. Contact me via PM on here or email if you would like to meet up.

Best wishes Chris