Is there a way I can test to see if a relay is knackered? Can someone let me know Dans link so I can order some more if I need to please. Steve

There you go Steve. Darryl

Thanks Daz How can I check relays? Steve

Put a 12v +/- feed on the solenoid and check for continuity through the input/output terminals.

The price of Dan’s relays are such it is worth ordering a set plus a spare one he is real quick in fact if you call him, remember they are 6 hrs behind us so after 3 pm UK time he will post them before you get time to paypal him they will be with you in a couple of days.

+1 Daz

Yep a 12V source and a multimeter.

I dont have permission to post new topics? So i’ll try here…
I can understand how to wire up a single headlight relay, for permanent lights on high or low, but how can i wire up twin relays for high low or off? (I have some very non std wiring)

Just bought a batch of relays from DP. What fantastic service.

Have one relay switch low beam when ‘on’, the other high beam ditto. Select which relay is on with the dip switch. Dip switch is sourced from light switch, ‘main’ position (headlight). HTH (?)

Thanks Mike, sounds straightforward but struggling to put it into practice, … Which relay pin(s) does the dipswitch connect to?

Thanks, Frank

It’s simple, the plug on the back of the headlamp has 3 wires, high beam, low beam and ground,

The high beam wire goes to 86 and it’s grounded through 85, wire from the fuse box goes to 30 and to the headlamp from 87 to where the high beam wire went, into the headlamp plug

Low beam goes to the second relay at number 86, grounded at 85, power from the fuse box to 30 then to the headlamp low beam connection!

Your using the original connections to trigger the relay, which feeds the juice directly to the light, as the relay is a low demand item, it’s much easier on the switchgear and is far more direct!ianboydsnr2014-09-12 22:50:42

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  And here's that picture again!

PS: this is how my Sprint fairing works, and the headlamp supply to the relays (pins 30) has its own loom (plus negative/earth return wire) and inline fuse connected direct to the battery terminals. HTH

Ok, thanks Mike, i’ll need to have another play… None of my wiring is std and headlight is currently fed by a single relay, this is numbered differently to every relay i have ever seen, 56, 56a, 56b and s in place of 85, 86, 87 and 87a. Dipswitch is wired between main light switch and s on the relay. It works sort of but appears to be a 2 stage relay and doesnt give a simple hi, lo switch, but hi, hi, lo or even hi, lo, off. Hence i have held off the mot since May till i get it sorted. So as soon as i get the 2 new DPrelays wired up, i’ll be good.
I’ll let you know how i get on…!
Thanks, Frank