Replacement exhaust for 2010 V7

A quick follow up to my post a few months ago concerning exhausts for my 2010 V7 Racer.I plumped for the Mistral end cans with crossover pipe and they sound awesome even with the baffles in so it should pass an MOT.The crossover pipe was a bit of a pain to fit but the results are well worth it.The bike burbles gloriously,you really can’t over estimate how much more fun the bike is to ride.The only downside is an occasional cough on the over run but I can live with that.If any V7 owners want a bit more character go for the Mistrals,the Arrows are actually quieter than stock and way more expensive so why fit them?Corsa Italiana were really helpful so a big thanks to them.

Thanks for the info, hope you’re watching your thread because I want more :wink:
So are you running minus the catalytic converter now? How’s your mileage affected, performance etc? I’ve seen a pipe on Stein’s webby to fit the stock system, so was wondering… cheers any more info


Quick update on Mistrals,the bike developed a few fuelling issues,namely sometimes cutting out when coming to a stop and not pulling too cleanly from low revs.I needed a DIY solution so opted for a switchable fuelling module sold by Dave Shaw at Finebau Forge,it’s advertised in Gambalunga.Dave was really helpful and after experimenting with the switches the above problems have all but gone with no obvious change in fuel consumption.The bike runs cleanly at low revs and pulls a lot better from lowdown.Hope this helps.

Found this article really useful and have ordered twin 4 jet units for my V7CR today, I was struggling in traffic and with smooth pull aways often a problem so hopefully this will solve it.