Rev Counter

Any one know where I can get an electronic rev counter repaired. It’s on a 1996 Cali 1100 i. I have taken it out of the holder but cannot see any thing obvious. Failing that where can I get a used one.Ian

I had mine repaired by someone recomended on this site but I can’t remember the name he quoted me £60 but it ended up costing £120 ! a new one is about £170 but I was assured that the rebuilt one would last virtually forever and seeing as the original ones are rubbish I think I got the best dealif I remember the guys name I will let you knowMick

Thanks any info will be appreciated.Ian

My 1997 Cali EV had the same problem and so did some (but not all) other owners, with some the problem is the earth fixing inside the unit, I did not fix mine, when I sold it about 2 years later it was still not working.

northwest2013-03-03 10:51:45

Peter Champness, look him up in the memberlist. He’s in the Epsom area.

Peter Champness did mine cost £75 very good job, took a couple of weeks, highly recommended.

yeah thats the guy that did mine ! I knew someone would come up with his name Mick

It may not be relevant, but I happened to notice 'tother day Vehicle Wiring Products also sell electronic rev counters.

Must be missing something, but I can’t find a members list anywhere, and he’s not on the rescue register. So where is this list??
I have a dead rev counter. Bought a second hand one on e-bay, and also faulty…Proud owner of 2 dead rev counters…

Must be missing something, but I can’t find a members list anywhere, and he’s not on the rescue register. So where is this list??
I have a dead rev counter. Bought a second hand one on e-bay, and also faulty…Proud owner of 2 dead rev counters… [/QUOTE]

Are you sure that it’s the rev counter and not a fault elsewhere?

Yes, where does it get its signal from? This did occur to me earlier but I thought nah can’t be that simple

Oh it can sometimes a Guzzi will just “play” wiv ya to check if you are REALLY up to the mark… if you listen outside the garage I swear you WILL hear it sniggering …

Original was totally dead. E bay one only registered between zero and 2000rpm. As the rev counter going U/S is a common fault, thought that was the suspect, but any other ideas?

mine bounces at low revs but it makes me giggle,i’m gonna relaice mine at some point with a combind speado/rev counter acewell do a nice 1/2 moon shaped one

Had a word with Uki, he’s not a member. Does any one know how to test if it is the Rev counter head that’s at fault and where it gets it’s signal from.Ian

Top of the forum page, see memberlist. Type in the name then click on it in the list to see profile. Then search (any date) for posts, or see his email address.

He is in there, just tried it. However, last active Feb 2009! So may not respond to a PM Best try his e-mail, it’s on his profile page.

Just got my Tacho back from Peter Champness, and the ‘not working for years’ unit is now back on the bike - and working. Another good steer from the Forum.