RITA ignition

Anybody on here able to help with RITA ignition? As mentioned elsewhere my Spada stopped yesterday, resulting in a push home. I think it’s ignition related since it stopped dead, although I have been able to fire it up on 1 cylinder today. Prior to that it seemed to be running well, considering it has been off the road for 16 years. It has a RITA ignition circa 1983, which I think has two 6-volt coils in series. The RH coil was red-hot yesterday when it stopped and today I could feel it warming up within a few minutes, and the RH cylinder is not firing.
Any thoughts on what voltages/resistances I can check, or any tests to diagnose which bits might be dodgy? I have a wiring diagram already.


AO services are the biz when it comes to Rita. .Alan Osborn 35 Griston Road Watton Thetford. IP25 6DN England Phone or fax: +44 (0)1953 884681. Al @ AOservices.co.uk is email. Have used them and found to be very helpful

Thanks for advice. I’ve spoken to Alan at AO Services and have some things to measure and try, but general consensus is coil failure. I have the original distributor innards so could put it back to points. On my loop today and had to stop and reset the gap which had closed up. Fair enough it’s an easy roadside fix, but wouldn’t happen if there were no points.

Change the coil then see how it goes (sic), I never wanted to change back to points.

Fixed! I think so anyway. One of the coil terminals was touching the bracket, but presumably not all of the time since I had ridden about 15 miles when it died. In my defence I didn’t fit the coils…

I would just swap them over rather than change them to see if one of the coils is at fault.

Well done for spotting the fault though ranton_rambler, shorts like that can be hard to find

Guy and Kate are fans of Rita.
I have some RITA parts in the shed if you needs/want to try substitution.
All the best