Rocker Covers

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I guess this is on “Sort of” a technical question

Should the engraved “MOTO GUZZI” text in the rocker covers on a 95 California be plain aluminimum or colour filled in some way.

If filled what colour please

Thankstris2012-07-16 12:54:25

AFAIK & looking at a couple of old brochures. No infill. Have seen infill added by people to highlight the lettering.
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This from a 1994 Guzzi sales leaflet. So black or dark grey I guess.

Equally possible photo was “touched up” else words wouldn’t show clearly.

Never seen one with paint or filler in it yet.

I’ve seen them with red paint in the lettering but I don’t know if it was original or done by an owner.

The only ones I have seen paint filled were done by or at the behest of the owner, mind you crud can get in and LOOK like painted in on a picture.

Polished and sealed they do look real nice in the sunshine …remember that people …sun …shine???

Hell we went to Minehead… and were “gratefull” it ONLY rained for ONE day and it was warmish …oh yeah we actually had …sun shine for a day too

Annie must be phsycic as earlier in the Year she suggested Butlins as

“There is always something to do if the weather is crap!”

Jeez how right she was, have to say had a great break and real good time the shows were very good this year. I guess it was the origonal idea of “Glamping” to be fair the chalets are only a wee bit better than camping but hey food is decent, as good as you get in most pubs/bars, better than Little chef or the fast food merchants, breakfast is very very good, but the entertainment is pretty good.

Decision made … Shiney and no in fill


Think I have as well, but can’t remember where. Maybe the very early style cover?

If you were going to paint them in, how would you do it? Without making a complete pig’s ear of it
Mike H2012-07-17 11:58:41

Id have taken the covers off and supported them on the bench so that the letters were level.
Then thinned the paint down a bit and squirted it into each letter with a syringe or something similar until they were nearly full

As long as you stop short of the top edge the surface tension should make it nice and neat and within the confirns of the engraving … at least thats the theory

Well having tried something like that the 1st go was 'orribul mate…'orribul! as the alloy needs to be keyed to hold the paint as it just flakes out after a while and takes forever to dry and this was just a set of tank badges.

I would think the Rocker covers have more issues like more crud/polish build up AND they get hot so ordinary paint will not do the job

Polishing them and then sealing is by far the best way the look fantastic all shiny in the …erm “S …U …N” …shhh we had some today guzzibear2012-07-17 18:07:36

I only asked 'cos I thought I could see some black in there and wanted it “near” to original
If not original to the bike then ists not getting painted.

Must admit I do get a bit of pleasure polishing my covers . mmmmhhhh nice

Years ago I bought a Ceetem polishing kit and adapted a bench grinder and an old big Black and decker drill, boy it took a wee while to get the hang of what to do but oh boy the rocker covers any stainless and such mirror finish real quick and the covers on the T5 engine that were in a real marked/scratched and had been painted (It was an ex Police engine) took a while but well worth the effort

It is one of the best investments I made does the stainless pipes a hell of alot easier than by hand

Yeah I think as GB says, it’s going to have to be:

A. high temp paint

B. metal lettering indents cleaned / keyed / prepared as necessary

C. you could spray it (mask off surrounding area), then rub / polish the top until only the letters are left visible. Just a thought, dunno if it would work out like that in reality
Mike H2012-07-18 12:43:09