Rocker Covers

Anyone else notice yet that the Rocker Cover bolts oxydise just as badly on the V85’s than on the V7’s? Mine started looking grotty after like 9 months, and out here there is very little chance of them seeing any rain to begin with…
Luckily, ‘Lincoln Eagle’ do replacement sets for the V85 by now as well, and even the small black ones are actually Stainless! I for one consider them a worthwhile investment.
The pic shows the replacement Stainless and Black Stainless ones:
rocker cover bolts.JPG

Mine have gone like that. Do you have a link for the website please.
All the best Steve

Oooh… will have a look!

OK -

(I was most surprised by the availability of the black ones - they were the worst on mine, and well worth getting!)

I wouldn’t worry too much about those bolts, these are mine (V7 II) at 5 years and 20k miles, all they’ve ever had is a wipe over with GT85 or similar after each wash.

20200414_184123 (3).jpg

I got a set for my V85 from Keith at Lincoln Eagle, a good upgrade.