Rory Gallagher

I have just been listening to a bit of Rory on U Tube and found this recorded the same year my Guzzi was built!

Someone posted on there “Jimmy Hendrix got a award for being the best guitar player, when asked how dose (sic) it feel to be the greatest player he said, I don’t know ask Rory Gallagher”

Enjoy, it takes a while to get going but is Rory and the guys at their very best :smiley:

Saw Rory at Kent Custom Bike Show in 1989 which was my first ever rally on a Guzzi- did not know any of the set before the gig but he and his band were awesome.

Ace. One of the few gigs I remeber from my youth is Rory G.

Rory who??? :smiley:

Wash your mouth out! :laughing:

Correct, he is the patron saint of the long Con Rods, an Irish Bike club based around Cork.
We are required to listen to him at least once a week.
My kind of religion.

I think it’s a difficult choice between my grandchildren’s first violin lesson and him!
But I don’t think I’m going to convert anyone to listen to decent r&r. :unamused:

That’s a bit rude!
I am not a big fan myself, but I would not deny that he was a great guitarist. Another gone too young (MRSA following a liver transplant at 47 I just found out).

He was very highly regarded by his peers.

I have been listening on Spotify a lot recently, including a lot of stuff I loved when I was young, but haven’t listened to for ages.

Been through all the Genesis albums (there you go, probably the first Genesis fan ever to come out on the forum)

All the Yes albums up to Tormato.

Load of early Pink Floyd (although I did come to the conclusion that life is too short to listen to Atom Heart Mother all the way through!).

Several Supertramp

Clapton Slowhand album

Various Blues, my favourites being Howlin Wolf, Muddy Waters and Elmore James

And some slightly later stuff; The Cure, Ocean Colour Scene (Moseley Shoals), Snow Patrol.
The Wailers- Catch a Fire
A bit of Dylan, some African stuff (anybody know/remember Ipi Tombi, the musical from about 1975?). We used to listen as kids. Plus King Sunny Ade, which I had not heard for years.
Finally been going through a load of early Neil Young. Actually I listen to his stuff a lot, but he has done so much that some of it is less familiar.

I listen in the car, as I have a long commute and too dark/wet/cold to use the bike at the moment. Am enjoying it now, better than listening to the same 6 CDs in the autochanger for 3 months, which is what used to happen. Although I just bought a best of Elbow CD cheap, and a Tangerine Dream compilation too to try.

Happy Days.

PS going to see Nicola Bernedetti as soloist for Beethoven violin concerto next week with my Mum at Birmingham symphony Hall!

If you like rory check out the above link to stoke guitarist Jim Kirkpatrick doing one of rorys songs, jim is one of stokes top guitar players, a great night out.


Rory Gallagher- probably the best electric guitarist that I have ever seen play, saw him three times, the first in 1972. Beethoven? the Hendrix of his day, he and JH two of my favourite musicians…then there’s Paganini, Leonard Cohen, the list goes on… :wink:

Hiya Pete…
Did you see Leonard Cohen last friday nite on BBC 4…just a little footage about him basically performin for nowt at the Isle of Wight…programme about promoters…

Hello Kate, no I didn’t know about that, thanks, perhaps I can look it up on I-player or whatever. Been playing Chris Whitley’s ‘Living with the Law’ album from the early nineties a lot lately, well worth a listen if you don’t know it already. Hope all is well with you all.

Saw him in '81 (I think), Southampton Gaumont. Absolutely fantastic player, no fancy stage show, no effects, just Bass and drums backing him, wonderful. And the ‘Orange’ amp he had from the Taste days and of course not forgetting the beat up old Strat, as my mate Anthony who I went with (and introduced me to Rory’s music) said, “looks like it had been run over by a burning tank. Twice”.

People differ, I would require a large sum in hand to listen to Leonard Cohen, the patron saint of suicidal teenagers.

You really should try Judas Priest, Hawkwind, Velvet Underground or Kraftwerk. Especially if played backwards. :slight_smile:

I like all them, although only a relatively recent convert to Hawkwind. Wound up quite enjoying the Tangerine Dream CD I bought recently too, although it took a while to get going. Don’t know how to play them backwards though!

Showing my age but still got the vinyl!
Many more similar that IMHO knock spots off more modern artists :slight_smile:

Rory was great, but my favourite guitarist is another Irishman, Bernie Torme. He was a Rory fan too and played at the first festival a year or two back in Rory’s name.

Had to look Bernie Tormé up. Had heard him before and worth a better listen.