Hi everyone,

there’s rumors going round that

A) GuzziFest is not cancelled, our Social Secretary asked me to assure all that it’s ‘full steam ahead’, and hopes to see many of you there

B) The 100 years Celebrations in Mandello are cancelled, they are NOT. For up to date info look either at their Facebook page or the Club Website

Cheers Uki

Let’s support Guzzifest!!!

Got my tickets through really quickly the other day from Steve. Would be great to get a couple of hundred people there and finally catch up with friends I haven’t seen since the flood at the Lower Lode.

HI to everyone thinking of the Guzzi Fest, 4 of us from Somerset have our tickets and are looking forward to the event.
We hope to see all our friends we missed due to covid, I shall take my autograph book to get the autographs of our TV stars.
Don’t take any notice of silly rumour’s, I spoke to the Social Sec the other night and it’s full steam ahead.

Where in Somerset? I am planning to go on the Thursday from Portishead, maybe ride part of the way there together? (Do I know you, who are you really etc?)

I’m going on the Friday Jim , riding out through Keynsham and Glastonbury to Taunton then on to South Moulton on the B roads
Hope it’s drier than when we last met .
Cheers .

Any plans to move Guzzi fest further up the country so more of us can get there? :frowning:

Its great for southerners and retirees, but for us who work and have to conserve our holidays to spend with the other half it’s not doable.

Is it not supposed to be a national event?

Good album though, however you spell it.

From an announcement today, the 100 Raduno in Mandello is still being decided upon, but not looking good.

From a comment in the clubs facebook page … “It says that covid restrictions are making it hard to press on with the rally. One of the issues is the “covid passport” (green pass in Italy), others are how to handle crowds, and how to feed people.
The rally is not cancelled yet, they’ll make the final decision in a few days.”

I think there is a general desire in the club to get somewhere more central, and it has been discussed at AGM more than once. This year, I assume it would have been too complicated to move again with all the Covid issues. For the future, the club is always looking for input regarding potential venues. There is quite a long list of “must haves” which means there are not as many suitable locations as you might think. If you ever come across a venue you think might work, you can certainly forward the details, to the social sec. Bear in mind it needs to be planned min 9-10 months ahead.

So do I! Will see you there whatever I guess. BTW we have still not managed to get the monthly meet for Bristol/Bath going again yet. Lockdown finished and then suddenly everybody’s diaries are full again.

The old International rally used to be held in a rugby club in Lichfield. That always seemed like a good central venue.

Do you mean this one?

Looks like a good location, just off the A38/A51 junction so easy enough to get to and easy riding distance from the Peak District for example. These days we also have to consider whether they would allow vans, and whether there is any local accommodation available for those who cannot camp any more.

It probably was that one. It was 30 years since I went and my memories not that great :laughing: I did just have a flick through some old Gambalungas and it says Lichfield, but not the location.
My local rugby club in Market Harborough also hosts a few bike rallies over the summer time when the pitch isn’t required by people chasing odd shaped balls around.

Hi to any club members and friends,
Regarding the possibility of another location. When you are traveling around and think, “that could be a great place for the Guzzi Fest” take a note of the location, remember it must have reasonable access, a flattish clean field, a well stocked bar and sizable meeting area, accommodation, hook ups, clean toilets and showers, a shop, a restaurant or similar a stones throw away, a hall to host a band and a place to store equipment.
Regretfully it becomes a tall order not least the cost, saying all that there are such places, if you find something that meets most of the requirements then give the Social Sec a shout, Andrew can check out the potential and maybe it could be a new venue.
ps although it states I am a committee member, if fact I am not, it’s just a website glitch.

Message sent to Andrew.

And another!

Just to say that I’ve heard today that some people have been suggesting that the Red Kite is fully booked. I’ve no idea where they’ve got this from. TICKETS ARE VERY MUCH STILL AVAILABLE. There is no ticket limit for the event. Strewth!