running rich

My 2011 Nevada 750 is running rich,on a fuel injected engine,is it possible to adjust the mixture?

Air filter?

could be,it wasn’t replaced at last big service!

Corsa Italia sell K+N fit and forget filters.Bout £50.00 but worth it.You need someone to plug in the diagnostic computer, it resets the system.Where do you live.

near Edinburgh,even for a regular filter? I read that the filter housing is buried under the tank and can be a bit of a job getting there,also very limited information on this that I can see and not having done the job before, I’m a bit wary!nevada2014-07-25 09:08:08

Whilst I like where you live I cannot help you out as to dealers etc there being a mere 400 miles away.

can I do the job without the computer link up?if not I have a contact number I can use

Not as far as I know.