Sachse Elctronic ignition - Lm

Hi all,

Thinking of putting a SACHSE electronic ignition on my '77 lemon. Have heard some reports of backfiring resulting in the bike catching fire. Anyone got any feedback, good or bad, on this system?

Many thanks

Ianianp2013-07-15 15:22:20

Just an observation ~ if is the kit for 750 - 1,000cc, it appears to have separate sensors for each cylinder, i.e. not ‘wasted spark’ where both are fired simultaneously, e.g. Mistral Rita, in that case you get a spark in the RH cyl. while it’s halfway through its inlet stroke, that can cause the odd backfire. But Rita’s have worked on LM’s OK. And this doesn’t work like that anyway. Unless anyone else knows differently … But conceivably too much over enthusiastic pumping of the throttle will flood it, and a backfire could start a carburettor fire, in fact the introductory section for LM2 in the MG workshop manual has a warning to that effect “because of the accelerator pumps care must be taken that all fuel must be absorbed by the engine” or somesuch wording.

works fine on my smallblock since 4 years…