Screw/s loose 1200 Sport

Firstly it would be easiest to describe this with a photo but I still haven’t got the knack of posting them up so sorry I’ll have to try and describe this as best I can without pictures:

Washing the bike yesterday morning (like you do on a Sunday). I noticed an Allen head screw had fallen out of the large side plate which the footpegs attach to. There are two at each side of the bike, underneath the side panels and roughly just below the rear of the fuel tank. I’ve since fitted a replacement, but I checked the other three and all of them were loose and would have fallen out eventually. My bike is only 3 months and 1000 miles old and perhaps its just a one off, but it might be worth checking if you have a 1200 Sport or also I believe the 1100 and 1200 Breva have a similar set up.coolonthecoast2013-06-03 17:46:29

My t5 does the same, you just get used to getting a spanner or Allen key out and checking they are all tight every few months

Hmm - thanks for the tip… just checked, mine are certainly not at all loose

get a bottle of Loctite NUT LOCK works a treat and still able to remove them without a struggle also keeps the corrosion out the threads

Never had a problem with mine on the Norge either. Maybe yours was a friday afternoon bike after Luigi’s liquid lunch.

I check the Guzzis regularly , heck no where near as bad as a Harley orNorton for bits falling off. I also use the lock n seal stuff it does not make them difficult to undo and keeps most things where they should be

Check the sidestand bolts while you’re at it. You will have to remove the left hand down pipe to get at them, apply loctite to make sure.

Have just come back from a good ride out in the sunshine, at one stage a small “ting-ding” from the front end was heard, possibly a small piece of gravel, perhaps, no, it was one of the tiny allen screws holding the chrome back of the dashboard on, there now appears to be 2 missing, where the hell do you get replacements them them little bu**ers?G.

Shaw stainless

I sincerely hope not mate, but it does sometimes happen. They are certainly tight now and of course it sets you off checking every other exposed nut or bolt on the bike too, so in a daft way perhaps it isn’t a bad thing. A big ‘vibey’ air cooled V twin is always going to rattle things loose more than a liquid cooled multi. That reminds me I’d better get my teeth checked soon.

The fact that they were all loose suggests to me that they were never done up properly in the first place. However, it’s always worth while just checking the odd bolt now and again.There was a service bulletin on the side stand, top bolt coming loose. They said to put a washer under the head, and use loctite. Mine was loose, did that and it hasn’t been a problem since.
Brian UK2013-06-04 18:06:06

Damn you all I say!!! damn damn damn. I was all set to go to Grumpy1’s gig in cork at the weekend, now I am going to have to mess around checking every cursed nut and bolt…and still worry.

I though post Luigi’s liquid lunch was when 16" wheels got fitted ??!

Has the dealer fitted a centre stand? They could have disturbed them then.

No centre stand Chris, although that might be on my future shopping list having had fun getting the rear wheel off the ground when I had that puncture last month

I lost the right hand pivot bolt from my centre stand. That led to an interesting moment when I next tried to use the stand…

I trust you used locktite on the replacement.