seat hinge: LM2 / G5

Just wondering if a rack for a LM2 would fit a G5?
The racks I’ve seen don’t have seat hinges but come with or without grab rail.

GriffAGriff2014-04-22 09:09:26

Did similar on mine, had to saw off the handle part of standard grab rail to keep the seat hinge bit. LM rack’s handle won’t go if standard one still on, they try to occupy the same space. Also had to saw off my Spada’s rail when I put Sigma luggage rack on it. Again needed to retain seat hinge part. HTH (?) PS: (edit) reason is 'cause the way LM seat hinges work is completely different to that of most the other models and do not have a rear grab rail.

Mike H2014-04-22 13:28:43