Shaft drive & universal joint greasing

Hi Mgcgb,

Read in a bike mag that small blocks need the swing arm dismantled & shaft & uni joint greased every 2 years. I have a 2010 Nevada & in does not mention this in the owners manual, is this necessary?

I hope not. If so, mines long overdue.

Hello Mdog, I wouldn’t believe everything that you read in the glossy magazines … Last year I had an oil leak from the pinion in the bevel box … Upon taking the swinging arm and shaft to bits, I found there is no way you are going to get grease into that particular u/j …. No grease nipple … If you are determined to get some fresh grease in there . . . dismantle the u/j . . . I did…!! . . . It is not worth it . . . If you have taken it to bits, fit a new u/j. . . But, please beware, they are an absolute nightmare to dismantle, and a b*tch to re-assemble .!! If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. . . Make a note of the “journalist” that wrote such bo**oks, and in future, disregard anything he commits to print . . !! Cynique, Moi …? Regards, Tony

If I ever have my UJ out, I drain the gearbox oil at the same time and submerge the UJ in the oil overnight. Not sure if it helps but it can’t do any harm. Some must get inside and add a bit of lubrication.

Thanks for replies guys, I’ll leave it alone!

The needle rollers should roll, not slide, once old age takes over and they start sliding, that’s it game over, no amount of grease will save them. I have heard they could be rebuilt using bearing parts for a lorry? (EDIT: this may apply to big blocks only) But yeah as said a s0d to put back together because the rollers have to be tight. Not done it myself just bought a new UJ.

You are quite correct Mike . . . I sourced my universal joint, from a firm local to me . . . They specialise in truck and bus prop-shafts . . . A quick measure of the u/j from my V7II, and a replacement was placed on the counter, for £54 , including vat. . . I wonder what Moto Guzzi charge . . ? Regards, Tony

2013 v7 racer every time you have the back wheel out its a very good idea to grease the end of the drive shaft.mine failed because it was dry as a bone and rusty.even if your bike is under warrenty this is not an item they check