I mostly see myself as a fitter to just the larger items when I’m working on my bikes, though I suppose also an occasional machinist. The smaller and more critical sub-assemblies I mostly ship out - partly because I’m careless and ham fisted, but mostly because I don’t think I work clean enough to be spilling precision machined items out on the bench. So stuff like drive boxes and gear boxes I tend to ship out to specialists (well, Nigel actually).

Today I have posted the Loop gearbox his way. He’ll change the broken spring for me, but also check and adjust the shift drum, and inspect the other components for wear and replace or rework as required - apparently he can get worn dogs welded and re-machined for instance.

But as usual, I digress.

What couriers are people using when shipping heavier bike parts? I looked up Hermes and found ‘Vehicle Parts’ amongst a list of their prohibited items. So I was down at the PO earlier, paying through the nose, but at least with some insurance cover. Rather than this;

We have listed below Prohibited Items.
Prohibited Items are goods which Hermes will not carry.
Hermes will not compensate you for loss, damage or late delivery of Prohibited Items.
If any Prohibited Items are found in our delivery network we will dispose of them. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

I have just booked for a frame to go to Durham from Surrey. I thought Parcelforce would be too expensive, but when using one of those cheap parcel booking companies, the quotes they got did not stand up to close scrutiny. For instance, anything over a metre long will either in most cases double the price, or not be carried at all.
Also you have to take into account that a lot of those online deals involve you taking the parcel to a local shop to be collected later. I know from bitter experience that when you turn up with something very large the guys running the shop will often refuse it.
Ended up booking with Parcelforce, they will collect from my house on Monday, take 2 days, and I took the extra insurance to cover what I sold it for. So around £45 does not seem to be too bad. I did ask Gutsibits who they used when they sent it to me several years ago, they used to use Interlink but now use UPS. I tried UPS, I made sure I entered all the info correctly, their quote was £108 !!

I like the “if any are found then we will dispose of it”.

So your rare Lodola mainshaft ends up in the skip o.o

He hasn’t got a Lodola, It is an Eldorado! :smiley:

I have just entrusted my 750S seat to Hermes, the guy who restored it uses them regularly and has no problem and all of his parcels contain motorcycle parts. The only problem I had was that they didn’t collect on the day they said they would, but I discovered a drop off point in Maldon, which would have saved me a small amount and a day in transit. It has had to go back as the front will not fit around the back of the tank.

I thought it looked a bit strange in the pic Chris…
We had this happen with a spada seat we had recovered…it ended up being over an inch away from the tank…and totally the wrong shape…we always go for foams and pattern covers now…occasionally pattern seats…the single seats Stein Dinse are doin for loops are lovely…

I know, I was using that as an example of something that would be extremely difficult or maybe impossible to find a replacement for if it was lost.


The guy has asked me to send it back with a template of the back of the tank and will resolve it. I also have a dual seat off a V7 Sport and that is the same shape at the front but with slightly thicker foam, so I have sent him a template of that too. Hopefully it will now be the correct fit.

Of course Mike, I knew that. The problem with typing text is that there is no tone or accent which is why I put a smiley face to indicate I was pulling your leg. I will stick to factual stuff in future. :wink:

OK thanks, I agree it’s difficult sometimes to figure out the true meaning. :smiley:

No worries

Hermes have just delivered my bike seat to Wales and the parcel contents were described as Moto Guzzi 750S seat, I probably won’t be as honest in future!

Ring gear arrived from Pete via UPS this morning. Not my favourite courier but at least they don’t threaten to confiscate your stuff. Lucky I was sick and bad at home to sign for it.

Meanwhile Nigel has my Loop box via the PO at enormous expense. And he’s opened it up already and advises I have some dogs need welding. There is probably a joke in there somewhere, but I don’t have the strength. Of the bearings he at least says they won’t do a Kate anytime soon (for those who’ve seen her broken cage on the FB page).



Who let the dogs out? :confused: