Show time

Well we have seen all the new bikes now and whilst we all desire the new V100 to be stood in the garage next year what else caught your eye.
For me the new gold star has been the other bike I’d love to see in my garage what a superb job the designer has done if it performs as good as it looks it will be a best seller.

I’d guess I might be in a minority, but I’ve not been to a show in many years. And there isn’t a new bike that I covet.

I’ve been the same for a few years nothing really floating my boat more interested in vintage stuff which is why the new gold star appeals I suppose.

I can see the appeal of the BSA. I have a secret hankering after an Enfield. There… I’ve said it :laughing:

I too have taken note of the “new” BSA Gold Star … It does look rather nice, and seems to have an awful lot going for it … In the “chatter” that is swirling around the internet, many press and reviewers are curious as to how much it is going to cost here in the UK … Well, sit down, I can tell you … It will priced exactly the same as other products that have, that certain amount of “desirability” … In other words… Whatever the “market” will stand !!
Cynique, Moi …? Regards, Tony

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