side stand for V35

The sidestand on my V35 is short and spring loaded and feels less than ideal. Are there any long arm replacements that are easy to find and fit?

Put it on the centre-stand?
Not sure about small blocks, but a couple of things that people commonly do on big-blocks - longer stand from Cali, mid-mount stand from later bikes.

I wonder if you could fit a later stand from a V7??? No idea myself, but they share basically the same frame. It might be worthwhile investigating if it can be done and if the new one is any better.

Thanks for these suggestions. It is true that the centre stand is a dream.

You’re right that the std side stand is an accident waiting to happen. The roll on centre stand is easy to use but they will wear through the bottom of the feet (just a curve really I know). You can just weld some plates over the wear points if you catch it before they are structurally compromised.

I long since turned up a much longer side stand for mine. It fits in the normal bracket on the frame rail with just one of the original springs. Peachy, but it is a one off of course.

On my V50(identical side stand I believe,I ground the stop so the leg would travel further forward and stop in the down position.Still not the best of side stands but a great improvement.

Thanks for this suggestion. I would really like a big long side stand that would just bolt on if anyone knows of an easy swap.

I’m thinking that the original is a tube i.e. hollow. So you saw off a chunk of the bottom, then slide in some solid rod that is about the same dia as the ID of the tube. Bend it and cut it until it kind of works - both for up and down. Then weld it. Maybe not so easy, but I don’t think you will find a direct replacement.