sides and pressures 1100i

Hi there,Stupid question time;What are the correct tyre pressures for a '94 cali1100i?I ask because at ‘brisk’ speeds it seems to get very sensitive to the road and very viby, mind you it is a guzzi so…also does anyone have a pair of side panels in red and black for sale as mine are knacked.I want to avoid messing with the suspention settings but if needs must

Hi Steve
The owners handbook recommends;
BAR 2.3F 2.5R 2.9R with passenger.
These are for contemporary tyres and may need to be increased for modern tyres with stronger sidewalls.
I add about 20% to the book figure on the EV.
All the best

thank you very mutch i will check and set and report

I didn’t know that!!

I shall give that a go on mine

36F 42R works for me. and soften the suspenders.

Pm’d you

yip same here 36f & 42r np runs fine

36f and 42r it is then thanks guys