I arrive home, put the bike ( 750 T ) on the sidestand so to open the gate. The front wheel falls to one side and the whole bike lurches, think that’s a word or is it a dog? Anyway, nearly gives me a heart attack. Had one of those don’ t want another.

The stand is attached to the bottom of the engine, that can’ t be right, and it is one of those that pop up when the weight is taken off it, I hate it.

Can anyone tell me what is the alternative ?


Convert lower rail…

My neighbour has the one off my lemon he has done up.
If you want it pm me your phone number and I’ll pass it on.
His name is Andrew and wrote the tyre article in Gambo.

Presumably as this is in the Small Block section, we are talking a little 750T so convert frame rails and LeMans 3 stands won’t be suitable.
I’m not that familiar with the small blocks but thought the side stands on these were better than the big blocks.

The side stands on V50s are a nightmare,somebody somewhere must have come up with an alternative.

Well spotted Don…got it in me ed Ognid was talking about an 850 T…mea culpa…

Is there any way you could use one off a newer V7? They seem to be better designed.
Guzzi side stands are either brilliant (California police stand) or useless (Spada suicide stand)

I haven’t found one in nearly 18 years of Monza ownership, but I’d certainly buy one if there is such a thing.

Thanks for your suggestions boys and girls, more thought required. One of those that clamp around the bottom rail perhaps ?

I had one of them years ago on my old Bantam, never could get it to hold in place.
Maybe a spot of weld would help. Just watch out you don’t fry your electrics if you do it on the bike.

Some BMWs had crap side stands a " sure foot" side stand was a great up grade. Maybe some Guzzis could do with something similar?

It is possible to ‘ease’ the sidestand out by 1/2".
Requires skill/bravery/foolishness and yet it’s effective.
If you have access to someone with welding gear and skill it’s possible to either bend the stand or introduce a dogleg with a bit of cut and shut.
Just need to keep an eye on its retracted position.
Good luck

Solved this problem on my V50 recently. Took the stand off and cut a few mm off the bracket to allow the stand to travel forward a bit more . This effectively made the stand higher off the ground and made the bike lean at a
"not nice"angle. I remember seeing Wendy and Grahams V50
(Pictured in Gambo at the Red Kite rally ) and they had fitted an aluminium extension to the foot. Scratched around in the garage and found a rubber buffer from the bottom of an old ally ladder, flattened the foot using a vice and a large adjustable spanner, drilled a couple of holes and bolted the rubber on. Shaped it up with a blade and a file and now have a sidestand that l am 100%confident in using. Will try to post a photo later.

Tried to post photos,ended up pulling out what little hair I have left.Will wait till Darling Daughter next visits . "Lizzie,know my computer ? " has a predictable effect on her .

“Post a Reply” > “Upload attachment” ?

Might be a limit on file size.

Managed to get that far Mike ,came up against the size problem and gave up.

Just a thought,if anyone does want to see the photos p.m. me an e-mail address and l will send them that way.

Yeah - the original strut on these is pretty awful. I made an all new stand for mine many years ago that is a lot longer and allows the bike to lean at a safe angle and has a big enough foot to be safe on soggy grass. And doesn’t self retract/destruct at the slightest provocation. When folded up it is long enough that it sits under the footrest and out behind it.

I’d post a pic, but size restrictions on this site make it all too odious.

Hi. Tried to send PM for pictures but not sure I was successful. How can I tell?


Hi Maggi Hope you are both well. Just checked my in box and nothing has come through from you.
Guzzibrat sent me a p.m.asking for the pictures so he could post them on the forum. I think I sent them okay ,but am never sure in anything to do with puters. They show as sent in my in box ,but could still be Lost IN Space.