Singles Rally

Only a couiple of weeks away and is a MUST for singles owners, twin owners are made welcome as well by the way

Tell me more GB

I cannot find this.

Stevesteveindenmark2013-06-25 21:07:10

Look in the events list on the website.

Bryan. It says " Date and venue to be confirmed." Any update available or is it contact Graham?

I wouldn’t know where else to look Brian

But I am still non the wiser.


Contact Graham or Sue details in Gambalunga

If the date had changed there would have been some information. But as I have never had any confirmation myself, all I could do is suggest those interested contact Graham, which is why the phone number is included.Since a telephone number is supplied, I wouldn’t have thought it such a difficut

They always do this it is so anyone going can let them know as food IS provided and it is really really good grub too All you need is you, a tent and the bike, a real nice rally

I used to go to raves that were organised like this. I used to ring a number and a mysterious voice would give me a location…

It seems a strange way to organised a rally. I have no idea when and where this rally is and It seems a bit Odd that I have to ring someone up to find out.

Am I missing something here?

Stevesteveindenmark2013-06-29 07:52:39

What goes on at this rally?

I guess you throw your keys in a big pot and hope for the best!

Oh its that kind of singles rally. I am so dim sometimes


The events list says this, date and place clearly indicated. Rampton is in Nottinghamshire, near Retford. Postcode is, I think, DN22 0HU

05 Jul 2013 - 07 Jul 2013 Baconslicer Rally Rampton, Nottinghamshire. Tickets and information from Graham and Sue Hemshall 01777 248831

Brian UK2013-06-29 21:22:16

I have heard back from Graham:hi don
we will be most pleased to see you
rampton retford notts dn22 0hu
01777 248831
there will be flags at the bottom of our lane in the
center of the village. will you want to join everyone for sunday lunch at the
pub, great food, decent price
grahamI shall try and get up on Sunday Morning. If anyone else is thinking of going, please let Graham know so he has an indiation of numbers attending

Too far for me. I’d have to van something up there but not into that. I should have bought the 500 S I was offered years ago.

Alot of the brit bike singels do just that as time on the road is precious and Motorway is boring on an old single…it really is well worth going to… YOU really would NOt regret it fantastic singles ride out Sat afternoon with a few “pub stops” to let the engines cool of course…

Just realised this clashed with the Leic’s Big Ride Out, I promised a mate I would go on so will miss this year. Next year on the little Stornello is the target!

Unfortunately it is too early for me. We are not coming over until the 20th and will be staying up in the Lake District and North York moors.

It would be nice to see you and your Stornello in Belgium next June Don.


The singles Rally is usually the weekend nearest the 4th July or has been for the last few years. It has it’s own unique charm as there are many British and other bikes than Guzzis there and a real nice mix of people. Add to that the courtyard and fire pits and the food prepared by the organisers and the HUGE club house where everyone can sit round one big table it creates a real nice atmosphere.

The bikes are totally phenominal from 1930’s onwards

To be honest I’m not really interested in looking at Brit singles though, thought it was just Italian/Guzzi singles. To be fair, it is called the ‘Singles’ rally and not the ‘Italian’ singles rally, in case anyone were to think it was just Italian stuff…italianmotor2013-07-05 16:01:25