Slow progress

I was doing a bit in the garage today on the Stornello and decided to see if the engine actually fits in the frame and found it does Welcome distraction from sanding and filling the rear mudguard!

Thats close to a complete bike Don It should give you some encouragement to keep going through the winter. Steve

It’s all back in pieces again now, I was just trying fitting things together as I sort them out, The front end is mostly prepared and primered, I am working on the rear mudguard at the moment.Still need to resolve problems with the wheels, spokes etc, trying to source a pair of decent rims! My trick with the kids motox rims didn’t work as the hubs are different diameters and ended up with curved spokes.Not touched the engine apart from spraying WD40 at it in a hope it might unsieze itself!I have a big problem with the swing arm, Not sure what happened to it in the past but it is rather bent. I have a mate with a 10 ton press, hopefully that should sort it out!Pics of the project here

Thanks to a bit of help from Ray, I now have the tank and seat fitting properly and an almost complete rolling chassis. Signs of progress at last

Its getting there Don
looking forward to cleaning the engine parts for you

Hi Don you got your work cut out there ,but am sure you will sort

It’s looking a lot better than when I picked it up!

Looking good Don,you will be wissing up and down the side streets of meerkat harborough in no time.

now where do i get a workmate suitable for stitting a big block on!