Snapped exhaust stud

hi everyone
1 week before the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride and one of the exhast studs has sheared on my 1000s. Riding along noticed a bit of a noise the odd pop from the silencer but nothing much, enjoyed the ride but when I got home noticed one of the studs had sheared off leaving the rest of the bolt a few mm inside the head. I have ordered some new bolts from Gutsibits but no idea how serious this is or why it should happen? Can the bike be ridden for a repair? It seems otherwise ok apart from a pop or two but obviously I don’t want to cause any more damage! Any advice or insight gratefully received.

Ride it, the gasket may burn through though. Â Or use the retaining ring as a guide and drill it out and replace it.

I drilled one out before, centre punch as near the centre as possible then drill using very small to start with and increase the drill size by 0.5mm per go. Cost me a load in super hard drill bits, but gently does it, got it out in the end with a variable speed hand drill.

Be very careful if you try this as the head is much softer than the stud. I ran a tap over the thread after getting the remains of the stud out. Â I did not replace with stainless steel but with original mild steel studs and nuts, the rust stops the nuts falling off!

Best of luck, If you do not feel you can do this take the head off and take it to an engineering works.Â

As he has said, but in addition…
if the head of the remaining stump is angled or very uneven, run a dremel sanding pad over it very sparingly and just enough to give the centre a level surface and the drill no chance to slide off the punch hole.


Thanks everyone - it is probably beyond my capabilities but not beyond my capabilities to mess up - so given the time constraints imposed by work and the DGR I shall throw myself on the mercy of Mr Scriminger and his Sleaford shop.