socket behind headlight on V7

Can someone tell me what the turquoise coloured socket (pic Attached) behind the headlight on my V7 is for?

  1. What type of socket is it
  2. What can I attach to it
  3. can it convert to a USB
    4: where’s the best place to but the stuff needed for the above

many thanks 'istas in advance

Hi Ed, That spare socket you have found, is a “switched live” . . . That is, a nice handy 12 volt feed, that energises, with the switching on, of the ignition . . . Earlier on this year, I searched all over the wiring on my V7II, looking for a handy place to power a “charge warning light” . . . This particular “spare” socket proved to be perfectly suitable . . . Regards, Tony

Thanks for reply and info Tony.
OK for a sat nav then? not seen a socket like that and am wondering if a tom tom will plug straight in,

Hello again Ed, for the sake of expediency, I “snipped” the plug off the end of the wires, then used a very simple portion of white connector strip to join the two ends of my wiring. . . Any good automotive supplier will have many connectors to choose from, ( even waterproof ) . . . Hope this helps . . . Regards, Tony

does, thanks mate

changed to spade connecters and it now feeds a usb socket for my camera

Does this apply to just the V7 or is my 750 Breva likely to have one too? I’d like to fit heated grips to mine.
Guzzi surely didn’t make different wiring harnesses for both bikes as the electrics must be the same?

Update on the above, my Breva does not have this socket so it appears to be only a V7 addition.

That is a genuine Tomtom supply socket.
It is, as said before, a 12 V supply that is controlled by the Ignition Switch. If you have a Tomtom with a Bike mount (like an older Rider - I don’t know about the new ones), then just plug that cable into the mount, and job done.

If you don’t like Tomtom’s you can of course chop the socket off, and attach a different connector or automotive USB plug to it. But that’s what the green thingy really is.

The bits and pieces to change it should be available from any automotive supply shop (even Halfords).