Soft Fuel Lines - V50 II

On my last ride out of the old year on the Pearl I noticed I had a bit of fuel seepage from the RH tap. On getting home I found the fuel line very soft and malleable. I’ve been running with no hose clips on the taps or carb banjos for the last 20 years or more, so just ordered some up.

When I came to fit them I found I was running a fairly new, genuine looking, cross over pipe in there. Complete with outer braiding. I’d guess I must have got this from Gutsibits in the not too distant past. Anyway, clips fitted and the problem should have gone away.

But …

I’m more used to the pipes going hard over time, not all soft and squishy. And these being a recent fitment I’m assuming they should be ethanol proof. What gives?

Obviously they aren’t then. (?)

Never had that, I used to get my hoses from the bike shop over the road, for years, always the same stuff and was ethanol proof (I asked about getting some, and he said yep this already is). However still had it going hard sometimes, then it won’t seal at a joint. Even with jubilee clips. Think I had to replace one bit of tube somewhere every year. The braided hose on the BMW was worst for it. Kosher BMW hose that is, not from the shop… that usually lasted a good while.

Anyway, hose going soft sounds like bad news, 'cause what ethanol does is get in between the plastic molecules, that’s what makes it swell up, ditto plastic tanks.

Well rather than go with anymore OE style cross over hoses – the ones with the ‘X’ in the middle, and still wanting my carbs to run from either tap, I shall be swapping out to double inlet banjos on the carbs next time I’m up for replacement. Then I can pick and choose more freely from a plethora of hose suppliers.

Whereas, on stripping my pals V50 on Sunday he had a lovely fresh looking cross over pipe but all moulded in – as in no metal cross at the middle of all the hoses. Surely he’s not still running the OE item in there?