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It’s another tyre thread
Will be replacing the 'orrible BT20’s at some point on the Le Mans.

Would be looking at sticky end of the spectrum especially in the wet. Not too worried about wear rates as I’m one of those namby pamby recreational riders doing less than 5000 miles a year.

Whaddya suggest?

I had 020’s ane they were truly awful I went for Z6 Roadtecs from metzler they do need a wee bit more air than the manual suggests but I find them more than adequate for quick road riding. But like all tyres are a very personal choice. Not every reccomendation will suit every rider.

Cant speak for what they are like on Guzzis but several of my mates have Michelin Pilot Road 3s on bikes which have had BT020s on them in the past and they all speak very highly of them.

Using Pirelli Rosso IIs on my Ducati and they are superb. Not as radical as the Corsa version but still very grippy, and good in the wet too.

The newer BT023 is a much better than then horrible old 020s.

I always use black ones.
They usually have some writing on the side, and grooves in the circumference.Brian UK2013-08-02 21:05:54

Sport Demons, trust me, they are the snizz on a Le Mans.Grippy in all conditions.You won’t regret buying them!!Cheers

I don’t know how many will respond to this thread, but you can expect the same number of different rcommendations. One thing I will guarantee is that almost all riders do not have the skill or nerve to push any tyre to its limit, so in that respect almost all tyres will suffice. My Z6 Roadtec on the front has some cracking along the centre line of the grooves, the MOT man suggested that I might have been overinflating them. Certainly not, both Guzzi and Mezeler say 2.5 bar which is what I have always used.
Brian UK2013-08-03 09:06:12