Sorry - Gear Oil Thread

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Anyone got experience using Red Line Shockproof Heavy gear oil in Bevel box and gear box?

Our American brethren seem quite keen and since I’ll need to do mine once I sort the GB seal out I was wondering what to put back in them both


Hi Tris, which grade were you thinking of using? Many people on this forum have extolled the virtues of Red Line but you need to get the grade which meets the Guzzi requirements, this company does grades suited to anything from chain saws to light aircraft, so check the specs. Â Cheers, Gerry.

Hi Gerry

I think it should be this

I’ve written to the agent here to see what they recomend

Gordon Bennett! That stuff ain’t cheap, should do the job though.

That’s the same sort of price as the Yamalube that my FJR uses!

From them direct it definitely is. Opie Oils’ EBay shop chops a tenner off. The guys on Wild Guzzi swear by it sooooo I’ve bitten the bullet and bought a litre :astonished:

Won’t any off the shelf 80/90 do it?

If you love your Guzzi, why not pamper it?

They’re pretty robust, so I would say “yes”. My old T3 gets what it would have got when it was built - a bog standard 20/50 and a 80/90 in the gearbox and bevel box. I reckon with regular changes it will outlast me.

At last gearbox/FD oil changes (usually annually) the ‘old’ looked just like it had just come out a new bottle, so I’m thinking well that was a waste of time and money then!