SP fork tube/yoke fit

As the 1981 Spada that I am working on, needs a fork rebuild, I have pulled it apart, but found the fork tubes very hard to remove from the bottom yoke.As its an old bike, and plenty of other bits are corroded, I imagined this was the reason and managed to drift them out, but they were tight.No significant corrosion. So I measured. The fork tube is 35mm, but the holes in the yoke only measure 34.6mm.From past experience this should not be. It ought to be that, loosen the pinch screws and the fork tube slides out.Having driven the out, I can drive them back in, but I don’t like to. Its hardly going to make setting the forks up an easy job.Any suggestions? Anybody dealt with this before?

What did you measure them with. From memory the tubes are slightly under size as well.
However when I removed my forks many moons ago I needed a large cold chisel as a drift to open the yokes.

I measured it with a vernier guage. Maybe it a Spada thing, they used to slip in and out on my old T3 without any struggle.

Do not expect consistency with old Guzzis. As Ian said, the yokes often need a bit of persuading but the cold chisel is a bit brutal, a good hefty flat screwdriver should give you plenty of leverage in the yoke slot, also often worth a quick clean out with a rotary wire brush.Cheers, Gerry.

I used a 1’’ wide cold chisel rather than a screwdriver to spread the load.
Me brutal with my old girl, you’ve been talking to the mods again haven’t you.

I made a wedge, and got the forks back in yesterday. Thanks for your tips guys.It has FAC air dampers and ti was a job to get the fork tubes all the way up into the top yoke. It would have been easy without fork gaiters. But I got them far enough that with the FAC top cap engaged in its threads, a large washer, slpit in 2 enabled the top cap to pull the tubup the last 12mm or so, as it was tightened.Any tips about air pressure in the FAC dampers? I have a clever air pump that can detatch without loosing much pressure.
g5er2013-04-11 09:50:33

Probobly wrong but I never bothered.
They are a huge improvement over standard.

Recommended is only 6 psi, bit of a bugger even with the no loss tool.G.