Spacer Plates for Norge Handle Bars

Hi Guys, do you know of anybody fitting spacer plates between the yoke top and the the cast bars on a Norge or Breva to raise the bars about 1/2". I know longer bolts would be required. It looks an easy solution to lifting the bars slightly to give a more sit up ride position. In fact too easy, so I must be missing something.

I know a guy in the States was making them, try searching Norge bar risers on Guzzitech, or Wild Guzzi.There is no problem on the Norge, but on the non ABS Breva the front brake line is too short.I ended up with Helibars, but they were a tad expensive.

Just made some spacer plates up out of 12mm Aluminimum plate. Only issue is the fork stantions prodrude the headstock by about 8mm. this means that a 45mm hole had to be cut into the plates. I am just debating whether to drop the front by about 8mm. This would allow the fork stanchions to re-register in the cast bars as per standard. Although the cast bars are not a fit onto the stanchions they hole in bars is .5mm clear so it doesnt serve any purpose. Has anybody lower the front end of a Norge / Breva. If so what effect did it have on handling.

Fitted the plates last night. This has rised the bars by 12mm. Used longer stainless socket heads to fasten in place. I decided not to drop the fork stanchions at this point. After riding to work this morning, no niggle in my back, ride feels great. ight be me but stearing feels more reponsive. So, so far a good mod.Cost £6 for aluminium plate off Ebay, and £2.95 the stainless socket heads. Plus a couple of hours drilling and cutting the plate.

Good job! It’s nice when you can make and fettle your own parts.Regards,John