Spada Breather

Morning all
Just a small problem I need some feedback on, my Spada is now up and running and has sailed thro’ MOT, however while checking it out the mechanic noticed oil on the back wheel.
It appears to be coming from the breather tube out of the expansion tank above the engine which exit’s down the side of the gearbox immediately above the H piece of the exhaust and from there onto the rear wheel.
The expansion box on this bike is not like any I have seen on a guzzi before, it’s about 2.5" dia and 8-10" long and is very well made out of alloy.
Two points.
There appears to be quite a bit of emulsified oil being blown out and when I had the rocker covers off during rebuild there was quite a bit in there also.
Is it due to the bike having not been run to any degree for the past few years or should I investigate further.

probably due to short run a good long run should sort that out …the breathers will blow some especially if oil very full.

I have a catch tank on my V1000 (same engine) and the cruddy water and mayo that I get after the weekly commute 17 miles each way is gobsmacking, a Good run of 50 miles tho’ and it is all good.

It is worthwhile to extend the pipe as per old Brit bikes OR pop a catch tank somewhere then remember to empty it …

As above.Unless you are around the 70k mark when your rings might need replacing.
iandunmore2013-06-14 13:42:31

Sounds like a home made breather catch pot sort of thing. There should be 3 pipes into it at the bottom, a big one that is the crank breather. That should have the ball bearing one way valve in the top. They can stick occasionally and that would pressurize the crank cases, The second pipe is a much smaller one and returns any oil that gets pushed into the breather pot, back into the sump. The third is the overflow incase the pot fills up with oil.
If the ball valve sticks, the crank cases pressurises and can force oil back up the return drain, into the catch pot and will overflow out of the big drain you describe.

I believe new one are available if not i have one (I theenk) on an old T3 engine.

Don’t think that’s the problem I had it all apart and cleaned the ball bearing valve, the setup is as you described, I have replaced the pipe and led it out to the back of the bike, I will keep my eye on it after a couple of rides out, mileage is 42k km (have yet to put british speedo on) so don’t think it’s the rings.
Thanks for the comments everyone

Maybe the home made one doesn’t have a return pipe and all that goes up into the pot drains out the vent? What did you reconnect when fitting it?

i did this on my t5 but it still throw oil ,turned out the casing hole dia had got smaller dued to years of crap sticking to casing hole .Hope that makes sense.i now have a catch tank next to battery but lucky for me im not getting any oil in it

Yes it has the return pipe so its as the standard one

Maybe it will settle down with a bit of use then? Time will tell