Speedometer question - Cali Stone

2004 California Stone.

The speedo on my Stone has been growing increasingly irratic of late.
That is, the needle jumps around wildly, sometimes more than others.
Generally, it’s OK(ish) up to around 80 mph after which I could be doing anything between 40 - 140 mph.

Also, it seems to be engine (drive train) related. If I give the throttle a “fist full” in any gear the needle goes wild. Travelling along at say 50 mph all is well but if I increase throttle to maintain speed up a hill, it goes wild again.

Conversly, if I am traveling at 90 mph (wild needle) and shut the throttle off, the needle becomes steady while on over run.

I have had the cable out and cleaned and lubricated it, also ensuring a smooth cable run. This made no difference. So I guess it’s either the speedo itself or the speedo drive in the gearbox.

Anyone have any thoughts on this? A gearbox drive issue seems unlikly but in view of the symptoms I wonder.

(I have noted the speedo repair and other comments from recent posts about speedo’s)


Or static/air pressure effecting the needle. Try drilling a very small hole in the bottom of the case.This worked on my V11.

Thanks Ian, don’t think this will be an issue as the whole thing is pretty open anyhow, not sealed like the V11.

Anyone have any experience with these? If I need to replace the speedo, I would like to use the existing housing a keep a traditional look.


Other suggestions?lawries2013-07-09 13:22:03

Sounds a lot like something in the speedo drive train is slipping under load and picking up again, could be the nylon gears in the speedo, hopefully it is not the gearbox drive stripping as that would put debris in the gearbox. Hope this does not unduly worry you but all possibilities must be considered.Cheers, Gerry.

Time to pull the drive unit I guess. Hey ho.
Thanks both

Hope it’s just the clock… I’ve been very happy with my electronic speedo, which uses a sensor screwed into the original drive.

By way of an update:

Spaying a liberal helping of silicon grease into the clock mechanism provides for a significant if temporary improvement. I gues the clock is on the way out. I discover 80mm speedometers are available along with a hall effect sender that screws into the existing speedo (gearbox) drive. As electronic unit seem to cost ~£180 as opposed to a replacement Veglia from Guzzi at ~£480 maybe this should go in the OEM section?

Smith’s speedo can be customised to customer preferences so looks like I will be going with the Smith’s classic with the addition of a KPH inner ring @ +£20 and sender from the same site. Hope this proves useful.