Sport ie 1100 oil feed issue.

Anyone had a Sportie oil pump failure? Returned from a wee run with the electronic gauge dropping from its normal range of about 3 - 4 bar (depends on temp of oil) and flickering of oil warning lamp. At first suspected a wiring issue but the coincidental items seems to suggest something more than that. Before I pull the timing chest and ferret around with the pump wondered if there are other things to check. Yes - there is oil in the sump. Swooped switch and bought new sensor for electronic gauge in the hope that… however…now there is no indicated pressure and warning lamp is lit on cranking.

remove oil pressure switch , and check for large amounts of oil coming out , or plug in a pressure test kit .Â

or remove all of the sump and check gasket has not broken .Â

Moved on from there. Oil pump removed to check - looks OK. Suspect maybe damage to bottom end. Inspecting lub oil circuit and maybe even shells tomorrow, time permitting. Scunner.

Scunner …?Â

 look at pressure relief valve  , might have jammed open .

Scunner -fine old Scots word…Â

Agree - finish work tonight for week - will drop sump extender to get at relief v/v and find out if I can bench test it (at work most likely). The other one may be co-incidence but the oil filter relief may be lifting as well but cant see how that would give me no pressure. Rebuilding timing chest tomorrow anyway - luckily bought a spare gasket last time I was in there.

Another possibility is sump gasket ‘blown’ at one of the high pressure oilways.

Oh already been mentioned. :smiley:

Hi MF and Team
I know it’s a while ago but…
Any news on what happened here and what the outcome was?
All the best

Seconded! :smiley:

Apols chaps - this has been a pick at job whilst the Fat Slag became embedded in the Mad Farquhar stable.
Back to it now. The donk is now dropped off the spine and being readied for inspection of big ends by Loch Ness Restorations (I dont do surgery that deep -yet)

More anon…

Ya big Jessie, easiest bike in the world to check big ends, man up. Hopefully nothing serious, had a crank / big end go on my Mk1 Lemans years ago, that was a scunner, and a right pita also, ended up wi bits o Guzzi all over the garage, a right bourach!

Not sure about this, that loose big ends would cause total loss of oil pressure. Was it making knocking noises after loss of pressure?

Wasn’t aware of knocking however a Sfida was in at Loch Ness and, after 35k miles - the same approx mileage on my donk the wear was quite apparent. Also a couple of years back as I missed out on the recall the oil cooler feed pipe came loose and spewed the sump contents over the road, my back wheel, and left boot on my way into work. Fortunately there was little on the rear tyre! Also, luckily I had slowed down for the entrance to site and there was a litre or two left over. So after a mash up with pipes and some fresh oil I got it home. I am suspicious that some damage >may< have resulted from that episode and just to clarify and ease my mind am going to have the big ends checked. Whilst that is going on I’ll check the prv on the oil side. The oil pump feeler check is all good and there is not wear or any damage evident. I’m not in a rush as is evident from the start date of the thread but want it back otr this summer if poss. Want to see how my legs take the transition between the Sportie and the Audace! :confused:

Jessie Farquhar (Big)

OK! :smiley: