Spot lamps retrofit

I’m considering fitting a coule of spot lamps to my 2004EV, the ones I’m looking at are rated at 55w which I guess are pretty standard output. A couple of questions that I would like a little help with…
Current draw - would the electrical system be able to cope with he additional loading.
Switchgear - would intend to add in an additional switch, any suggettions out there as to a suitable one and source

the alternator on ev is 350 watt @5000 rpm you will be ok at higher engine speeds but running around town with spot lights on you will discharge the battery regards Keith

Thanks Keith
There was some other stuff I found on the forum also but not the output,. May put lower wattage bulbs in there also

Not sure if you know this already but fit them using a relay - take a feed off an existing switched live to flick the relay, then use nice heavy cable straight from the battery, through the relay to power the lights. I have a pair of 35w spot lights on my Cali wired up like this and they work spot on. Think I used a 20amp relay which should be good for up up to about 200w of power (didn’t have anything smaller in the shop!)

Dur, shuould read what you’ve posted properly! If you’re using a new switch then no need for a relay, unless the switch you buy can’t handle the current (unlikely)

This may be of use to you.

There are dozens of bits of info JUST type a search “How to fit spotlights to a motorcycle”

Found this guide to wiring spotlights thought it may be useful

Got these “angel eye” spots from e-bay very good lights good value too

Look carefully as some of the angel eyes are blue but they do have white ones, mind you I rode by a Police vehicle on Friday night with the blue angel eyes on in very slow traffic and they didn’ t bother.

I wired mine so they can be switched on with the main dip and main beam and wired a switch into the angel eye part to be switched on (or not) when the sidelight is on, both are illuminated switches from maplins @ £1.99 the same switch in Halfrauds is £2.49guzzibear2013-03-09 16:36:29

Led spotlights are the new thing, take far less power for the light output, not cheap though!

Led lightsianboydsnr2013-03-09 16:39:10

2 x 55W, 110 Watts, about 10 Amps. Used to have similar driving lamps on the Spada, for occasional use only! As said, flattens the battery for urban usage! Ideally needs separate switch AND fuse direct off battery AND through a relay which is worked off the dip switch high beam, also so can’t be turned on if ign is off. Rusty on the rules but think has to tie in to high-beam only. Also beware dazzling other drivers with extras lamps might invoke road-rage. Guess how I know. Empty dark country road no street lights, fine.

By the way it is often asked WHERE to fit spotlights I was perusing a Guzzi tome and the Police type T3/G5/V1000 have them fitted to the front indicator stalks, I replaced the Guzzi CEV ones yrs ago with Yamaha indicators as
They are round so look right
They have much thicker chrome stalks, easier to fit spotlights on to
The reflector is better so brighter indicator
they fit into the side of the headlamp via the headlamp brackets
Easier to get and cheaper than CEV and I think better quality, cos if anything lets down older Guzzis it is the CEV part of the elektrikery, all the Bosch stuff is spot on, but the CEV is truly awful

I KNOW if you have a conkers bike you will not want to swap but for anyone with a “cooking” everyday ride well worth it

Swap the 35/50 watt bulbs for led equivalent bulbs. They are cheap enough on ebay and are pretty bright now with these new fangled yellow smd led jobbies. Make sure you buy ones that aren’t too long though , some are.

LED bulbs are no good if you want them as spot lights as they dont have any depth to the beam - but great as marker or day lights

I’m not disagreeing but how do led headlights work then? My spots will be used primarily as marker lights but I’m sure the led bulbs I have will cast a fair amount of light reflected by the shell and lens.

Have to say I tried LED on the spots, took them out after one ride, the last 3-4 miles are on totally dark Country roads. The 35w bulbs work just fine

Would 35 watt bulbs discharge the battery on the Convert? I have read that as they lope along there is not a heck of a lot of charge to the battery.

Well my G5 was a convert so has the convert bevel box and 4000 revs is 7+ on the road so it does not rev that high, anything over 2000-2500 should chagrge the battery.

The Convert should have a higher reated battery and mine had the higher rated altanator as standard.

Best check is run it in neutral lift the revs with a meter on the battery it should gey 13.8+ volts at double the tickover.

LOOK at the altenator they have the rating on them on a sticker, Check the battery is correct one as well, if you are not sure you can get 25w or even 21w bulbs heck the rear fog loghts are 21w and dazzle folk when used in other than real bad weather conditions.