spotlights Cal'3

I like the idea of having spotlights on my bike. Trying to source some is not easy. Any suggestions as to where I can
buy something suitable?1150GS2013-09-09 21:38:42

I put these on mine look good work well get the white halo ones tho if you look in non oem parts it is listed there as well as how to fit them I used a relay from Pyro Dan as they are small and work well

I also fitted mine as Guzzi do on the Police models that is by mounting the indicator stalks to the headlamp bolts and then fitting the Spotlamp clamps to the indicator stalks.

You will need to look for spotlamp clamps I found those on e-bay as they sell them for scooterists

For thicker, but round indicators look for Yamaha RD 350 indicators they are round and have thick chrome stalks ideal to mount the spots from, loads available new and on e-bay.guzzibear2013-09-09 21:51:40

Got any photos of them on your bike?

You also need to think carefully about power consumption and whether to wire them so that they go out when the headlight is on.

The Cali III doesn’t have a lot of spare output from it’s alternator.

Yes those 2 spots together will be 110 Watts.

What is the o/p from the geni then?The old Bosch unit threw out 380 I think. Plenty.

No they are 280W on the older Tonti bikes HOWEVER I have seen some with only 120W Bosch altenators and they will NOT run any spotlights.
It is an easy job to swap the 120W one for the 280W one though.

I did change the main bulb in the spotlights to make them a bit more friendly, wired the Spots via a relay and they work the Halo’s are brilliant for daylight running lights they are noticable and due to them being LED they are low power.

The headlamp on mine is a Cibie unit so I do not need the spots for extra light at night more just as added “Can you see me now!” lights

I have them wired with main beam and have had no problems with charging at all.

This also means they work with the headlamp flasher so the numpties DO see you.

Not mine but this shows you the Police version with spots mounted on indicator stems which is the way the factory does it. 12:37:19

Posted for Ken

Cheers Ray, not brill but you can see the spots on the indicators as per the Guzzi Police bikes I found the Yamamha indicator stalks far more substantial than Guzzi ones and the chrome lasts these have been there well over 15 yrs

According to Guzziology the Bosch alternators on the Cali III give 20 amps or 280 watts. The Saprisa version is supposed to give more but in practice is actually a little lower. Mine originally did not start charging until about 3000 revs with the headlight on so I didn’t have a lot of extra output for spots.

I changed to an HID headlight which give a little extra headroom.gtmdriver2013-09-11 08:14:29

If the charging starts higher up the rev range then is that not the reg/rectifier? or possibly some corrosion ? In the one Guzzi manual there is a list of tests and how to fix some of these problems.

If Bosch then try a Bosch dealer for a police regulator which brings the full charge in at about 1800 rpm.If you have an early mechanical regulator you can change it yourself if you know what you are doing.
iandunmore2013-09-11 12:07:58

I have the Saprisa alternator.

It charges at lower revs with no extra load on but with a 60w headlight, the tail light and the ignition circuit it doesn’t charge till around 3000 rpm. Apparently this is normal for the Saprisa unit.

It is a permanent magnet unit (like the old Lucas units)so the output is unregulated and simply rises with the engine revs. The Saprisa control unit is a development of the Zener system and simply ‘bleeds off’ the excess voltage once 14.5v is reached. With this type of alternator/regulator the maximum alternator output has to be restricted to avoid overloading the control unit by forcing it to dump more current under ‘no load’ conditions.

The Bosch system has an electro magnet as it’s rotor and the control unit varies the strength of the magnet to control the alternator output at source.

I read an article re higher wattage headlamps on bikes the short of it was they don’t really add much if the reflector is shot, one reason why I swapped out the OEM headlamp on the V11Le mans the new headlamp with a proper lens and the normal 55W main is like a searchlight in comparison the the OEM awful plastic reflector and clear flat glass.

The Cibie in the V1000 is bright with a 45W main beam bulb in it, OH yeah the wrong bulb can be pants too, many “new” bulbs have a kind of "silvered top bit made to reflect back at a car reflector, older bike ones are more like a clear bulb.

Can’t remember where I read the article BUt it was after I had spend out on the high wattage H something bulbs.

To say the least I was very surprised at the end result with the correct bulb for the lamps with lenses being much lower wattage but brighter ???

Sorry not that simple - this from the MG workshop manual:Bench test control of generator - Power testLoad / max. rpm (@ 14V)5A / 1,300 rpm (70 W)10A / 2,100 rpm (140 W)20A / 7,000 rpm (280W)(figures in parentheses my calcs) … and I tend to believe that. I.e. the quoted 280W is only achievable @ 7,000 rpm (or slightly under, 7k being the ‘max.’). For much more sane engine speeds, expect less, say 150 - 200W in the 3 - 5k range. As a guess. The systems’s biggest handicap is it is not geared up like it could be on a car using a fan belt, then you could get a properly decent output out of it at low rpm. But using more horse power of course, swings & roundabouts. I’d be wary of increasing the regulator Voltage, will just boil your battery away, increase the ign. coils’ heat (which don’t need any more!), and maybe prematurely blow bulbs.

I notice that the spec. for these lights says that they are able to be focused, does this mean that i could use them as dipped lights. I really meant to say fog lamps, I have more problems on dipped beam down unlit roads. In an ideal world I would like to use one light as an extra dipped beam / driving light, with the other being used to supplement the main beam. Not exactly legal though is it.Not going to happen though is it!Night vision goes downhill with age.

1150GS2013-09-12 20:11:04

Not as fog lamps no fog lamps use a diffused beam, the focus is basically as far as I can tell just aiming them down. I have positioned mine so the nearside one lights the kerbside and the outside one 's beam falls between dip and main BUT aimed slightly to the middle of my side of the road. I found this is the best way to increase the light on the road so dip is more effective and it kinda fills in that “gap” you get on main beam.

The best place to fix fog lamps is low I have seen them fitted to bikes on crashbars, I tried that and got glare back in the screen, other ones I have seen fitted to Goldwings on a bracked on the lower part of the fork leg.

You would need to find specific foglamp/floodlights the ones actually pictured on the bike were floodlights from a fork lift truck bought at a car boot sale, brill in fog but not that good on the normal Country lane, we get fog not that much really I find the halo and spots very usefull, they certainly get the drivers attention.

MY 1150 GS has Hella spots and fogs fitted, when I go on main beam, all six lights come on. 300 watts of illumination, that has spoilt me.

1150GS2013-09-12 20:54:55

Guzzibear, you have a cibie headlamp, is this just a reflector or a complete headlamp. Where did you get it from?

Well I have been running the lemon with a police spec regulator purchased from Motobins since 1997 with no problems.It was a standard mod on police BMW’s.
iandunmore2013-09-13 08:31:20