spotlights Cal'3


It was a complets headlamp got it from Stafford show autojumble that and a thompson one, which is actually as good for under £20 the pair

I took the lens and reflector unit out and popped it into the V11 and V1000 bikes easy to do just undo the “W” clips the V11 has a fairing so to make sure the new lamp fitted I used black tape around the rim, but both are far brighter.

Not sure about newer bikes BUT the old air cooled BMW’s used the same Bosch altenator some for Police use are higher spec.

That said I have never had any issues charging with the lights on. I fitted heated grips last night , ran the bike up and checked the charging under the load of grips, headlamp high beam, spot lamps, indicator and stop lamp oh yeah and the radio it did reduce the charge from the 14.4 down to 13.97 but it is still charging and to be fair I would not be using full beam and spots in Town Traffic at low speed.

You can sit and do all srts of calculations BUT if you have one of the 280W Bosch altenators and fit grips spots etc it should work fine. Of course this is assuming the altenator/regulator/rectifier and all connections are good.

Can’t find any info about this kind of police regulator, so don’t know how it’s supposed to work. Although I can think of a way it should work…

It works by bringing in full power at 1500 rpm rather than 3500 rpm.

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Yes those 2 spots together will be 110 Watts.  [/QUOTE]

9.5 amps
I would change every other light to LED

Very good.

Guzzibear, one of these would fit. I am unsure of like for like fitment of the wiring on the Guzzi to this?1 x CIBIE 7" ROUND HEADLIGHT MAIN & DIP WITH SIDELIGHT …

1150GS2013-09-13 16:35:32

Not sure with the ie bike but on the V1000 and V11 it was simple a matter of popping out the headlamp, taking off the bulb holder and then on the back of the rim there are 3 “W” shaped wire clips take them out and the lens and reflector pop out, don’t drop it !!!, then pop in the new lens/reflector, fit the wre clip to hold the bulb holder then the bulb holder, job done, easy to take a look at the back of your headlamp first

Sounds like the same as mine. Was there a big difference between the original and the cibie. Spending £40 and no improvement would be disappointing.

Well it is brighter with a more focused beam BUT I would NOT spend £40 on one bud wait for a local auto jumble or even Stafford show, if not going y self find someone who is and will pick one up for you, I found the Thompson one about as good as the cibie.

They do need the correct bulb in them as well, in face I got a better beam with lower wattage bulb must be the lens and bulb configuration.

Fitted a Ring branded light, vast improvement.