Spotlights on a Cali

I have been asked a few times for the method of popping spotlights on the older bikes as the spotlight bar is expensive and does not easily fit the older bikes

I use older RD type Yamaha indicators.

The Yam front indicators work real well as the bar is thick but fits thro the headlamp fitment on the side and they are round ones like the Guzzi .

These Angel eye spots do not look over big they work well BUT I fitted 35w bulbs as then two are within realms of sense as 2x 55w is pushing the output I have wired them via a switch for main lamp and angel eye and relay of course.

These are the indicators they should be available fairly easily cheaper or 2nd hand

Found these on e-bay

I found these brackets mine are different but if you do a quick search you will find them

Found them I use this type as the yam indicators are well thick

I hope this helps

By the way this is the second Winter and the chrome has not corroded BUT I do wipe them with good quality wax after a clean and then over with some 3:1 oil

I wired the angel eye to the side lights with a switch but you can wire them independant or permanently on as they are decent running lights

Beware some of the spots have blue bulbs or even rainbow bulbs these ARE Illegal in the UK the blue white you can get away with

As a matter of interest, do spotlights have to be fitted in pairs on a bike nowadays or is one still legal?

I would assume that as modern sports bike seem to use one side for dip and the other for main, I don’t see how it can be a legal issue.Personally, I like symetry, so it would be one in the middle or one either side for me.

Ah does that explain why I see only one light on for daytime riding?


At the moment fitted spotlights do NOT actually have to work HOWEVER much to the consternation of some scooterists that is about to be altered(If it already has not been done) to make all added lights have to work. However many scooterists fit LED bulbs that work but throw little light.

One reason I fitted the angel eyes was that I could fit smaller bulbs and the LED angel eye uses hardly any power.

You can fit 1 spotlight as a driving light But I believe it must be fitted centrally or within a small distance of centre.

I have had a sodium yellow lensed floodlight fitted to the front mudguard for many years I am told it can be seen for miles BUT it throws virtually NO beam.

I also have a pair of marker lights with 2 w bulbs fitted to the top of the Givi wing racks and due to the rear rack covering the rear light from above

I fitted a stoplight made from an oblong fog light to the bottom edge of the top case baseplate so trucks can’t miss the brake light.

The altenator copes with all the extra lights and RiTa no problem.