just been out on my calli 1100i feels like return spring broke on gear change, i can still get all the gears but with pot luck. any suggestions will be much appreciated.
cheers chris mitton {macf)

dont ride it,you can do a lot of damage to the gear box with a broken bit of spring floating around,it,s an easy part to changejust a bugger to get to it,you have to crab the frame

thanks a lot for that, i didnt know whether the return spring was internal or external.

Agree! Absolutely do NOT ride the bike.

I had a buddy who’s return spring broke on the slip road of a motorway. Locked the Box and (obviously) the rear wheel solid!!!

That day he laid two of the longest skid marks in history and one was caused by the rear tyre…

Gearbox return spring is just under the end cover of the gearbox, right at the back of the box.
As Keith mentions, it is a lift the frame up job to swap it. Have a read of this
http://www.motoguzziclub.co.uk/tech/crab_frame.pdfDon-Spada2014-06-11 19:10:57

We always fit a new return spring whenever we have to split a guzzi…they are governed by the law of sod !