Standard switchgear - getting them to stay firm

Hi, I’ve recently bought a completely standard V65. It has the original Lego switchgear and I don’t believe these have ever been messed with.

They seemed fine on the handlebars when I got it and didn’t pay them any attention. I’ve recently had the bars and off to give it a good clean and when I come to refit the switch gear (both sides) I can’t get it to grip the bars tightly.

The 2 screws tighten up ok, but I don’t think these are there to really secure the switches to the bars? I assume it’s the centre, pointed, grub screw that is supposed to do the securing in position. When I tighten it, it just seems to push the outside edges of the switches apart.

What am I missing?

I’m thinking of drilling a shallow hole for the pointed grub screw to locate into - is this a good idea, has anyone done this?

Any help/advice gratefully received.

Nigelnavtrad2014-05-29 11:22:16

Couple of winds of black ‘gaffa’ around handlebars trimmed with a stanley so does not show…job jobbed…

Hi, thanks for the suggestion. I was hoping to keep the original plastic rings that were on the bars and cover about half of the switches on each side, but if the gaffer tape Does the job then that will be fine.

I’m over on the Isle of Man for the TT now ( not on the V65…), so will give it a go when I get back.

Thanks again,


tape as worked for me in the past but also had it not work ,personally I would keep the grub screw and drill a shallow to lock into

Thanks Johnno,

I’ve also ordered some new screws (eBay) which are the same diameter but very slightly longer than the originals which I’m hoping might help too.

Oddly the original screws are both the same length (on each switchgear), even though they protrude different amounts due to the switchgear design. So I’m hoping a slightly longer one will give it a bit more grip too…

sounds like your on the right track now