Starter Motor Lead... V50

Thinking I had taken a photo during the breakdown of my bike I now realise I didn’t! Which terminal on the starter motor does the positive battery cable connect to on my my '79 V50 please?Terminal A is the longer bolt of the two and has a black rubber cap on.Terminal B is a short bolt.Thanks

A.B should be connected to the motor itself.

Nice rearsets, not seen them before.

Thanks Brian…A it is…presumably the rubber cap still goes on after the positive lead is connected.Cheers Ian…can be got from Fly Hammer in Italy…fantastic quality although I did have to make a little modification…am very pleased with them Here’s the other side…

Very nice and yes it does.

Yes, the rubber cap goes over the top.Probably an optical illusion, but the swinging arm looks extremely close to that rearset mounting.