starter motor

I’ve traced an intermittent fault with my Valeo starter motor to one of the magnets falling off :cry:
I found this STR33002 alternative from Wood Auto parts.
Anyone fitted one and are they any good as they come in at about £50 less than anything else so far?

If you can get the starter motor apart then there is replacemt kit which has screwed in magnets.
Might be cheaper.
I have been told about it by an ex REME electricion but I have not seen him for a while.
However at that price you might as well buy it and tell us how you get on.

As Ian said, a repair kit is available for this well known fault. The last one I repaired a few years ago was off a Jackal, cost about £50. No doubt be a bit more now.

OK Chaps i’ll check that out.
The brushes are fine - at least 20mm of meat still on them. How do I inspect the contactor ring (or whatever its called on the armature) - ie how do I tell if that’s worn out?


Just noted that the Wood Auto part says its 0.8kW and the Valeo is 1.2kW

I believe that this is essentially the starter turning torque so the alternative is 33% down on the Valeo

Is that assessment correct?

Yes, the woods one will have trouble turning a Guzzi engine, same reason not to buy a Bosche one designed for a car, even though it can be 1/3 the price. G.

Cheers Duffo

Not gone for the Wood one but found a bloke in Scunthorpe who knows his stuff and I’ve got a new one on order at the full 1.2kW output for £111 delivered to home…

I’ll stick it up as an OEM alternative once I get it and see that it works OK



Basically if it’s scored to bu99ery…

If taken literally (i.e. what kW means), then it’s how much electric power it consumes.

744 Watts (0.744 kW) = 1 horse power, so the first is roughly a gnat’s over 1 horse power, the second 1.5 times that.


I have heard good reports about the Valeo repair kits from these people, even buying from the States, there product is good value