steering damper - Jackal

The steering damper on my Cali Jackal has seen better days. Any suggestions for make and type to replace it with? Its a 2000 model.

Are you sure you need one? I have no damper on the Stone, it’s fine.
If you do the an old fashioned Kawasaki click adjustable one will do the job well.

Haven’t tried it without. I’ll have a go thanks and see what the difference is

If it’s the friction type it can be repaired but to be honest, on my Cali III FF, I tend to have it backed right off anyway.

bin it. don’t need it.

It does depend on many things tyres and pressures and how it is loaded , Fully loaded for a rally and you find you have a weave at speed you will be very glad of the steering damper.

Guzzi are not really known for wasting effort so there IS a reason for fitting a steering damper or it just would not be there.

OK so YOU may not need one BUT take it off , have a prang and IF an eagle eyed Loss adjuster/engineer comes to view the bike and no damper!!!

If you do replace it, the kawasaki/girling hydraulic dampers are far superior to friction dampers.
I find steering dampers may be useful in stopping lock to lock slappers but don’t really do much with mild vague weavy instability at speed…and er, part of my job involves road testing large 70s jap stuff, which at speed tend to want to use both sides of the road, something I have never experienced with any tonti…!

As one model of Kawasaki I remember (but can’t remember which model) was called “the garden gate”, as in, like the frame was hinged in the middle Gutsibits do a telescopic one, not sure if it’s gas or fluid, put one on mine, you wouldn’t know it was there normally BUT as Kate says should stop any high speed colly-wobbles.

I fitted a new Guzzi one to my 1980 T3 Cali which I built up out of boxes of bits. I did it because I could see the fixing points and assumed it must have one.
Having no actual Guzzi riding experience I asked a fellow club member to test ride the bike for me. He said that the bike did not feel right and advised me to take it off. On a second ride he declared it now felt like a real Guzzi! I asked at the main dealer to be doubly sure. The guy in charge of the stores said it should have had one but the senior mechanic told me that they took them off before customers took delivery!!!CylvaBirch2014-03-12 23:03:27

i had a kawasaki damper on the old t5, it was an odm500 and did make a big difference but then the t5 did have issues with its handling …!

You don’t need them,took the one off my 1000s and my 1100 cali,the cali even has a sidecar on it

Some bikes benefit from a damper. Others don’t need one …

My new v35 deff does not need one, my old 16" wheeled t5 was un rideable unless the damper was on and wound up half way

Conclusion: Fit 2 but don’t use them !!! mo_biker2014-03-18 00:22:35