Steering damper on V7 850 2022

Hi, has anyone fitted a steering damper on to a V7 850 2022 model? Any help and recommendations would be much appreciated. Thanks

Can I ask why? I could also be interested in this, but only because I have a sidecar fitted to mine. (It is a characteristic of sidecar outfits to have a ‘head shake’ within a low speed range, typically 20 - 30 mph, due to a natural resonance and is quite normal. However can make it difficult to take one hand off the 'bars at slow speed,which is my ‘issue’.)

I live and ride in North Cumbria and the roads are atrocious (fortunately North Yorkshire and County Durham are nearby, the difference in road surface quality is remarkably) plus I ride two or three times a week at night and need to calm the front end down.

Very interesting – don’t have an answer (yet?). Many dampers shown on Internet, but don’t know how to attach, may need homemade brackets?

I’ve emailed three companies so I’ll wait and see if they get back to me with a solution.