Stelvio 2008 Fork clamp split

I know this issue has been around for a while, but I am trying to establish how many people this has happened to. Piaggio UK state that only 11 bikes in the UK were affected with this problem, and these were all dealer stock. I do not believe this.

It happened to mine. According to the dealer, Piaggio wouldn’t pay for it as they said that the clamp bolts had been over tightened. Then they beefed them up on the later models. :frowning:

How ols is it and can it be welded?
Piaggio ’ A study in customer satisfaction and how to do without it’.

The whole issue spoils what is a great bike, I am lucky in the fact that I bought the bike second hand from a dealer 5 months ago so they are duty bound to rectify the problem. However the dealer is a Honda dealer so will not have Moto Guzzi trained mechanic to fit the part. Then there is the other fork leg, I have heard that MG mechanic became paranoid about taking the front wheel out of Stelvio’s as the clamp used to fracture when being undone! So when the dealer comes to fit the new leg which is some 3 to 4 weeks away from arriving in the UK, there is an absolute chance the other clamp will fracture as well. If we are lucky enough to get the wheel out and back in again with out it fracturing I have the prospect of replacing the leg in the near future. At £680 each is a daunting thought. Piaggio / Moto Guzzi are wrong by not offering any kind of help in any kind of way.

An incompetent dealer and bad  cam follower design spoilt it for me. The fork leg was the least of my problems! I have seen them welded up, but if your dealer is paying no problem. The new one might be a modified part anyway

Got me panicking now…I’m about to remove my front wheel for a new tyre…Hopefully mines an updated one. Steve

I have a 2011 NTX, it’s one of those jobs you look at, and have heard read posts on, yes it does make you think, it’s torque setting is only about 10mn.
I have a 3/4 drive torque wrench, but prefer to use 1/4 drive, hand tight, it’s the spindle Big Nut that holds it together.

Just use common sense, don’t be hand fisted.Â

Early 750 Hondas used to have a little spacer washer…which people used to lose…with the inevitable result…those rhino horn top yokes are now as rare as hens teeth…