Stelvio 2010 engine rattle

Stelvio NTX ABS. 2010. 20,000 original miles.
I have a light rattle/rassling coming from the engine. At first it was suspected that the famous Cams etc were on their way out.
Closer inspection revealed all in good order. I wonder if they have already been changed.
I have contacted all previous service centres to gain info as to what has been done in the past, currently awating info. The book is fully stamped.
Just as a precaution the sump has been removed to inspect the Big Ends, again all fine.

Personally I suspect the rassle culprit could be the oil pump.

Any ideas boys & girls ?


Always worth a look at cycle parts to make sure nothing is touching, e.g. exhaust pipes.

Thanks, did all that.
The bike is now with motocorsa.
At first they suspected the Cams, but they are great. Looks like it could be the timing chain tensioner.Â
It is definitely a sound coming from the engine. All major components are fine.