Stelvio ECU waterproofing

Just picked this up on Guzzitech.


TECHNICAL BULLETIN 002 - 2012 16-03-2012

Model: Stelvio all versions - except MY11
Subject: Vehicle Technical Update.
Dear Dealer/service outlet,
as part of our research aimed at improving the characteristics of use of our products, we
recommend suggesting that the Customer include the protection (code 883968) to improve the
insulation of the control unit.
The measure is the responsibility of the Customer since it is a technical update.

It is a rubber cover fitting over the ecu to keep water out.

Well you wouldn’t expect them to supply it free would you.
good of them to let people know.

I wish I had had one at the v twin last year then i would not of spent all day saturday drying out my ecu and buying a tin of ACF50 so i could ride homeregards keith

Just got back from my local dealer who has possibly adverted a problem with my 2010 Stelvio NTX. He has had a problem with one that has burned out the starter motor, this was due to water getting into a starter motor relay in the fairing on the RH side. There are two starter motor relays (don’t ask) he removed the front one and that is the fix. Apparently this will stop the starter motor running when the engine is running (my ignition was turned off but the starter motor turned when he shorted out the relay) and that is what burned out the starter motor on one of his customer’s bikes. He informed me that it could drain the battery and that in turn could damage the alternator. Sounds expensive. My bike frame number starts 111 if yours starts 112 then you should be ok.

Have fun!Chris750s2012-06-14 08:10:15